Seven Quick and Effective Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website


With a continuous increase in the number of organizations switching their business to an online portal, there is a great demand to increase organic traffic to convert. When it comes to achieving the long-term traffic potential, content marketing and SEO are the most effective instruments which naturally lend themselves to compounding returns over time. However, both these strategies are tedious and they take a long time to return the desired return on investment.  But there are still certain rules that can be applied to achieve better results in lesser time. Read on here to know about a few of them:

Guest Post

Guest blogging enhances the marketing message that the blogger is trying to convey and they offer higher credibility to the post. This platform connects you with authorities who already have established audiences. Take Huffington post as an example- its readership is in millions, so if you get your blog published there- chances are higher that you will develop a new set of fan following that will probably convert sooner or later. If your content is authoritative and valuable, you’ll wind up with a strong flow of users to your site that will help you in both content marketing and SEO.

Build Your Social Media Audience

At present, more and more businesses are focusing on enhancing their social media reach and following. It is an effective way to increase brand awareness, partnering with influencers, promoting the content and increasing website traffic. While social audience building can be unpredictable and it takes a lot of effort, but if you maintain your consistency and have your priorities in order, it will certainly be useful in scaling your potential user base. You can emphasize on content marketing to start attracting your audience naturally or ads to funnel traffic directly, but more importantly, you can actually engage with people.

Q and A keyword phrases

This is a surprisingly underrated trick to get organic search traffic to your website. Modern folks often reach the search engines to find answers to their queries by phrasing them that way. Once you find these keywords-strings-phrases-as questions, the next step should be to answer them. You can either write blogs or articles related to the question with a nice web of internal links and related content to keep the audience on the ride.


This is where you use your older, high ranking content to get some limelight and renew the audience’s attention.  The idea here is to publish some such well-written contents published in the past. Just review and update the post with timely information, and add internal links to redirect related content, and update the Meta tags and description with keyword-rich details.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology that is designed to draw visitors and potential customers in, rather than outwardly pushing a brand, product or service onto prospects in the hope of generating leads or customers. Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology that is designed to draw potential customers, instead of outwardly pushing a brand with a combination of marketing channels.  In reference to digital marketing, we need to use a combination of inbound marketing channels-most commonly content marketing, SEO, and social media in a creative way.

Inform and Educate

While attractive, enticing content will help you grab visitors, it may not ensure loyalty. In order to build a loyal readership, you should focus on writing content that has an extended shelf life. Just identify your target audience, study their personas, and build some engaging and informative contents that they would love to read. You can create informative content and promote it via Guest Publishing and other well-known, niche-relevant communities.


No doubt, content marketing is the hub of traffic generation, but again, not everyone is a reader and willing to spend minutes poring over something on the internet. Rather, a significant segment of your audience would prefer watching a video or listen to a podcast. This is where transforming a blog post comes into play. A good rule of thumb is –use infographics for social media, data-backed op-eds for LinkedIn, e-books and whitepapers for emails and websites, videos and podcasts for social media and website, and so on.

These were some great ways you can increase traffic to your website, that too without spending a lot of time and effort. But these strategies give their best return when handled professionally. So, delve into the techniques of digital marketing to explore this field. However, if you are not able to do it all yourself, ask us for help. We, at Universal eSolutions, has a dedicated team for SEO, SMO, and content marketing experts who can work together to improve your website’s SERP and organic traffic.

iPhone vs. Android: Which One Is a Better Choice and Why?


Smartphones have existed for a long time now. And, we have also experienced the paradigm shift that they have brought to our lifestyle- both negatively and positively. Today, they are available in two major platforms: Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. While Android has been dominating the industry by virtue of its affordable price range, Apple has ruled a particular section of society due to its security features and brand reputation. Over the years, both the operating systems have been updating their software and hardware features. They have far more in common than what divides, but there are some important differences that makes one better than another. In this blog, we’re pitting Android against iOS in several categories.


1)    Affordability

Apple has always made news with its higher price bracket. It starts at $800, which is definitely an expensive choice. However, the price is not a big deal if you book your iPhone at affordable EMI options. And, if you want you can also buy a refurbished or second-hand model that would be available at a 50% discount. But if you are looking for similar features as that of Apple’s phone, but at much affordable price, then there are a wide variety of android phones to choose from. But not all android phones are cheap and if you are really looking for a better option to splurge your money, then there are no shortage of options, Google’s Pixel 2 phones and Samsung’s Galaxy Note line to name a few.


2)    App Store

It’s true that neither Google’s Play Store nor Apple’s App Store can perfectly store the millions of apps. But Apple’s redesigned App Store in iOS 11 provides a better browsing experience. It allows the user to search easily and find curated recommendations. By using it, the user can queue and install apps from the web browser on your PC. While there are some questionable apps for both iPhone and Androids, but Apple is stricter about blocking certain poor-quality apps. Also, it’s easier to sideload apps on Android as Apple is opposed to third-party app stores.


3)    Battery Life and Charging

It’s hard to compare the battery life of the two types of smartphones because there is no common hardware. When we talk about mAh capacity rating (the storage capacity available for a particular battery), then most iOS devices are optimized to squeeze the most out of the battery. But these days, you can also find some Android devices with a bigger battery that will easily outlast the iPhone. Both Android and iOS allow users to check the battery usage at a glance, broken down by the app, but Android gives a better estimate of how much battery is left.


4)    Customizability

With an Android phone, a user can choose any theme, set up any layout on the home screen, add widgets, shortcuts, and even choose the entire user interface with launchers. On the other hand, an iOS allows limited customization, such as the change in background and there’s little support for widgets. This is a major factor that people choose to buy an Android over iOS.


5)    Security

Android is much behind the scene when it comes to protection from vulnerable hacks like Heartbleed and Stagefright because millions of Android phones are still using outdated software. Apple has already made its position among corporate employees, owing to its improved security features, most notably with Touch ID and FaceID in the iPhone X. Apart from this, Apple prioritizes privacy, so the user need not worry about the security breach. On the other hand, Android encrypts some data, but your privacy is less protected.


After reading the above-mentioned points, you might have decided which one will be a better investment. Well, numerically speaking most commoners prefer Android because of its user-friendliness and affordability. But people who prefer security and accessibility features, always go with iOS devices. Also, if battery life is top of your list and you want customizability, then choose Android. Well, both Android and iOS are feature-packed platforms with far more similarities than differences, and we can heartily recommend either.

Mobile Applications


Today’s world is being called as the Digital world. Looking at the number of platforms available for digital technology there is no doubt in my head that it certainly is a time of digital and technology boom in the world. The demand for an easier life has given birth to a lot of technologies and one of them is Mobile. The Mobile phone was invented in 1973, though it was more like the two-way radio, the Smartphone technology came into existence almost 20 years ago. I still remember looking at the cell phones of that time, they were extremely bulky and couldn’t be carried in the pockets as we can today. Though it was revolutionary that we could talk anywhere to anyone. The cell phone gave rise to a lot of other needs attached to it. Today the thought of life with no cell phone sounds impossible.

Today’s technology has advanced to such a level that a smartphone has become a lifesaver.  A smartphone is not only used for making calls but for a lot of other purposes. The new age era of smartphones has applications installed in it that have so many features that you could do an entire days work on it. People have started using their smartphones for health purposes too due to the apps installed in the phone. The app can tell how many steps you have walked during the day, heart rate, blood pressure and a lot of other important things.

Nowadays developing apps for smartphones is the new thing in the industry and this boom will not fade that easily. The concept of developing mobile applications is being used by all businesses irrespective of the type of business. The challenge is that the application must be useful and should be able to hit the right chord with the customer and must be user-friendly. The products and services offered by the application must be beneficial for the customer. Monitory benefits cannot be ruled out here. People have started developing applications sitting at home and earning money as freelancers too.

Tips on how to develop an application:

  • Research : before you start developing your application, make sure that you research the market in that particular product area thoroughly. You need to know what exactly do you want your application to do. Offer exclusive services too. Add the x-factor to your product which makes it different from the other app. in the market.
  • Competition : As there are companies that have already invested a lot of time and resources in the application, download them and use them to know what are the things that you would want different in your app. A users opinion is more important than anything else. Once you know the difference in your app and theirs highlight the ones that your product has and how is it different from the others. Never underestimate the power of your opponent.
  • Third person perspective: If you develop a mobile application before launching it in the market, get your friends and family to use it first. You might not have thought of things while developing the app that a third person might notice and help you in making your venture a sure shot hit. Take the feedback given as a positive one and make the necessary changes if possible.
  • Marketing : Make sure that you take out time to market our app properly. If you skip this part, it is possible that the app doesn’t reach the end user and your efforts become useless. Look for the right market to launch our product.
  • After sales : Don’t forget to keep an eye on your end users. Once your product is launched make sure you keep an open mind to the feedback that you get form your end users. You should not forget, whatever app you have developed is for the end user.

Conclusion : When we use all the tools together to market any product digitally, these fundamentals can help your goal to succeed like a well-planned event. These fundamentals, no matter which business you are part of , can help create an interest in your services, brand, and products. The mouth to mouth publicity is a thing of the past. You want your business’s name on the front search page then contact us to help you achieve your dream. Let our experts do the rest of the work for you.