SEO- Breath Sounds of Every Successful Business


Today’s addiction driven world can’t even take a breath without using different social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and so many other networking sites hold such importance in people’s life nowadays. The increase in use social platform is quite significant and to right people, it can be a great resource too.

Being a strong digital presence is very resourceful in any business. Due to a massive surge in use of internet and social media platforms, these platforms have become a great source for various business outreach. You can reach a higher number of people to promote your work and get better results.

Anyone who wants to look something up on the internet uses a search engine to search. People may not even realize as because the results you get is in the fraction of few seconds but there is a lot of hard work and constant dedication to get searched so quickly.
These search engines have a various set of algorithms to decide which result is on the first page and which result is at the top. The algorithms are very detailed and have a lot of deciding factors to it.

Today every Businesses owns a website and that is the first need to create an online presence for your business. To clear all the requirements to get your website on the first page of the search results, websites must be Search Engine Optimized(SEO).

Why is SEO crucial to your online presence?

There are a number of reasons to get your website search engine optimized. The first one is because your competitor is doing it. To reach a higher audience your website must be listed as higher on the search results list as it can. More than 90%(source: Protofuse) of the people only look at the first page the search results. You can even say that the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of google search result. This tells you that if your website fulfills all the criteria then it can be listed even on the top of all the results, the best place you want your website to be.

The cut-throat war in online business is brutal for business owners who are not aware of the rules or the necessities and get hit hard. The Internet sure provides a platform to publicize your business but also create a sense of competition. Because If you can do even a little better than your competitor you can beat him in the long run.

There are various methods to get SEO done on your website. This has become an entire field of study to research better ways to perform SEO on any website. People are creating new ways every passing day. Let’s see the most common yet important ways to perform SEO.

How is SEO done?

“If you want to make something better you have to keep your eyes peeled while you are building the roots of it”. If you want to get your website SEOed you have to keep various things in mind while you are building the website itself.

There are two principal routes to make your website search engine optimized:
1. Onpage SEO.
2. Offpage SEO.


deals with various key factors to improve your site’s ranking on among the search results. Maintaining the appropriate use of your prominent KEYWORDS. For example: If you own an online milk home delivering business, your prominent keyword can be “Milk Delivery”.
So the use of your keyword should be maximized appropriately which will increase your keyword ranking resulting to improve your website ranking.
One more important factor to consider is META description. This is a must to have the factor to keep in mind while building up the website. META description is a short description of what your website is about and should contain your prominent keywords. Google often penalize the websites missing meta descriptions and image descriptions(alt tags).
These are some various other factors to be considered while doing onpage SEO.


deals majorly with backlinking of the website. Quality Backlinking and bookmarking are the backbone of offpage SEO. It helps redirect people to your website thus increasing traffic to your website and increase your reach. There are various other ways also like Listing, Directory submission, blog commenting and so on. Social media shares are also very helpful to increase your reach and increase traffic to your website.
To cut the long story short, SEO is a mandatory process nowadays if you want your business to do better. Getting ahead of the competition and creating a better platform for yourself or for your business. The key cutting factor is you are doing the best and exploring all possible solutions to outreach. Market out loud and be successful in your domain.

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