Know What SEO Can Do for Your Business Growth


At present, many traditional businesses have opted for online handles and many startups are setting their feet through e-commerce. So certainly, there is a perfect competition in the internet world that demands each organization to make some extra effort to dictate their online presence. And, in this context, SEO is unarguably the best way to connect with the target customers. But many business owners still fail to understand its significance. If you share a similar story, then don’t worry as we are here to explain what SEO can do to enable your business growth. Well, in layman terms search engine optimization is the process of using the website content and images in order to optimize websites for search engines, and thus improve their rankings. To be precise, you must understand today 44% of the entire world population search on the internet for every little requirement. But they generally visit the top ranking websites in their search list. As the job of a search engine is to locate the most relevant links utilizing the user’s information. So, simply put, if you are not engaged in SEO, you will lag behind your competitors. As a result, you will fail to gain sufficient customers. Read on further to know what a good SEO service can do for your company:


  • Driving Relevant Audience with High Conversion Rates

Search engines like Google usually look for many details when it comes to showing the results of any search. By use of certain tools and techniques, SEO experts can find out how big a market is and what users are searching for. Using these data, they can modify your website accordingly, which in turn helps in driving the highly targeted audience to your website which generally results in lead conversion. A recent survey suggests that lead conservation from digital marketing is far more than marketing or advertising strategy (source internet).


  • SEO Can Increase Offline Sales

Modern folks are more inclined toward online shopping. But apart from looking for big e-commerce giants, they also search for local businesses to buy their products offline. This is another reason that you should not ignore SEO if you are a business owner. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach potential customers. For store owners, having an SEO enabled website is like having a salesman who works 24/7 to promote your business.


  • SEO is the Most Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Businesses generally splurge hundreds of dollars to advertise their products or services through mass media platforms, campaigning, and participating in trade shows. But they can significantly cut this cost by embracing SEO. It helps in driving highly targeted traffic that means it provides good returns on investment. Also, an effective SEO campaign can remain functional even when you shut your SEO campaign for weeks, months, or years. In fact, SEO is far better than PPC campaigns. As per a data, about 25% of traffic is generally attracted by PPC campaigns which owe 80% of the marketing budget. On the other hand, SEO drives 75% of traffic but occupies only 15% of the marketing budget.


  • SEO Helps Build Trust & Authority

It’s human nature to consider to top rankers as worthy. Whether it’s a class test or an international sports tournament, everyone applauds winners, recognize the runner-ups, but no one cares about other participants, no matter how well they performed. This theory works similarly with search engine rankers. The first rankers attract 35% of total search traffic, the 2nd rank holder achieves 13% of it, and the third one gets about 9% of traffic.  Being in the first few positions helps people to recognize your brand, which in turn results in more traffic and lead conversion.


Apart from all the above-mentioned benefits, SEO campaign can accelerate your brand building efforts very effectively. This is because when customers visit a site and become satisfied with the products that have been purchased, they are likely to shop again and share their positive experience with their friends. In this way, SEO helps in turning the first impression into a long-lasting recall. If after reading this blog you are convinced of getting SEO services for your website, then look no forward than Universal eSolutions. Our professionals will provide you with the most effective and custom-made services for your website, that too at affordable prices.


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