Digital Marketing: The Only Fashion That Never Dies


The world of marketing has already shifted its gear from offline to online. The Internet has completely changed the way we used to think and act. And this change is directly impacting businesses especially when it comes to marketing. It is very crucial to explore new methods to sell products and services. The future of marketing will be guided not by old and traditional ways, but technical inventions.

There is no wrong in saying that ‘Digital marketing’ is the new success mantra for marketers these days. And why not? Today, people used to spend most of their time in accessing the Internet. Social media has become their favorite platform to connect, chat and for shopping. And, perhaps these are some of the major reasons why the term digital marketing came into the existence.

So, what exactly is a digital marketing? Is it really matters for a business success? How it drives benefits? I know, as a business owner there are numbers of such questions which are running in your mind.

Let’s start with the first one.

What exactly is a digital marketing?

It is simply the marketing of services and products on the Internet. In other words, it is the advertising method or sales promotion to promote a brand on different online platforms. Digital marketing is all about utilizing digital technologies in order to offer customer-oriented services. It is a gateway to connect with millions of potential customers.

With the billions of population (approx. 6.5) around the world, every business dreams maximize their reach and to be on top in the competition. And digital marketing is the most important tool that helps in achieving their dream. According to the Marketing Gurus, digital marketing is more flexible and result driven form of marketing than traditional marketing.

The second question in the list was: Does it really matters for a business?

If you read the above paragraph, I am sure you already have a positive answer. Am I right? Let me make you clearer.

Here are some points that explain how it matters to your business.

It offers a wide customer reach:

Do you remember the number 6.5 billion? If yes, keep going on, you are in the right direction. You can consider the whole world as your targeted area (conditions apply*). No matter, where is your company located, you have the whole world to target. And this cannot be possible without digital marketing. There are several social media platforms that can help you in building your business online presence.

In market research:

If your business is not using digital marketing, you are ignoring your precious customers. Social media is the best platform to know about the targeted audience. It helps in knowing who your preferable customers are and what the regions you have to target are. Digital marketing is a tool to connect with the potential customers from the targeted region.

To win the competition:

The competition in marketing is very tough. You need to stay a one step ahead of what your competitors are doing. Digital marketing is the best place for you for this. You have to utilize digital marketing tools and strategies in the most impactful manner to give competitors a tough competition.

To know your customers:

Understanding customers is very crucial to a business success. If you know what the problems they are facing, you win half of the battle. The next half is taking actions. Digital marketing can help you in knowing who they are and more importantly, what they actually need.

It is cost effective:

Calculate the money you had spent on creating banners, placing ads in prime locations etc. Do you really think they are effective means of marketing if you are targeting the global audience? They work only well if your business is based locally. But if your customer base is global, go for digital marketing. It is not only cost-effective but also very effective. With digital marketing, you can save some dollars.

What are the benefits of Digital marketing?

Some of the benefits of digital marketing include:
• Increases brand‘s online presence and visibility.
• Build credibility.
• Help in building new customers.
• Improves product and service loyalty.

Thus, we can say that Digital marketing is a modern-day need for businesses. Businesses who care abuot their growth, want to expand their customer database, and build a strong online presence are implementing digital marketing strategies at a very faster rate. So, friends, it is the high time to include digital marketing in your business plan.

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