Bursting 6 Bubbles on Web Development Myths


Websites these days are are not just an informational platform it used to be. They are the face of the organization and the most helpful tool for creating the Digital presence of the company.

With the world evolving in this digital era – There is a huge dependency on the company’s online presence for their success.  And the company website plays a crucial role. What that actually means is that these companies are dependent on their web developers more than they think.

Still, there are many myths going around related to web development and how it should work. There are a lot of misconceptions company owners have, about the processes followed by designer and development agencies.

Let’s burst those bubbles of misconceptions in this article and shed some light on what is true.


BUBBLE #1– “ I think it’s easy, I saw it in an ad (thoughts of a non-developer company owner to himself)”

Building a website is no piece of cake. There is no other way to say this, Web design and Web development are not easy at all. There are a number of websites which looks really simple and easy to build but almost all of them had a very difficult journey to be that way.

Creating every component of the website takes a detailed process to make sure that the feature works for the overall benefit of not only the website but the company as well. Then the process moves forward in the designing (checking every component’s readability, visibility and the appeal of the site from a user’s point of view) and the developing (Creating the site with proper manner of coding, making sure it loads fast, and work same on different platforms and devices) phase. And this can not be done overnight, it takes days and even weeks sometimes to develop the site as per its original vision.


BUBBLE #2–   “ I hired the designing team, they should work according to my instructions”.

Hiring a designing team, and then making them your puppets is like pouring your money down the drain. You do get the authority to approve the ideas they present to you but you hired them because they have expertise in that area.

They are professionals and they will give you a better vision and idea because they are updated to current trends and updates in their profession. Design of a website is not just about the pretty looks, it is about the person it portrays about your company.

That does not mean that you don’t have any say in the matter. After all, they are giving life to your ideas. Constructive feedback holds as much importance but you should trust the people you hired to do their job and then see how they convert your visitors into customers.


BUBBLE #3– “My website was done a week ago, I only got one customer from it since.”

A company website does not work like a newly built monument. Hoping your website to go viral is a good thing but chances of that happening are very low in today’s era. Your website is a tool to boost your online presence and give your company a platform to higher reach bigger audience effectively.

To increase the number of visitor to customer conversions, just like a business, your website needs to be advertised. For that purpose, your development agency needs to work on its marketing too, if they do that ( Yes this is self-promotion: We do it).

Advertising your company via your website to the right audience takes a lot of efforts. It requires a lot of well-planned strategies and a whole lot of work. Then only you can rely on your website to give your customers.


BUBBLE #4– “ Why designing a website is so costly when I can just copy and paste it from the other site?”

First of all designing a website which is simple, unique, user-friendly and properly conveys the purpose of your company is not easy at all. It may feel like it is easy and cheap to develop, sorry to say but isn’t.

A talented website designer do more than just creating a pretty looking website, he gives you an extension you can use for marketing your business.

And if you think you can just copy and paste someone else’s website and be done with it, then firstly you are demeaning your own brand and secondly, it is illegal. Copying your website give your customer a negative view of your organization and make them reluctant to choose you as their source of business. Thinking that your website is just an additional expense think of it as a stake you put in your business.


BUBBLE #5- “Okay, I paid you to build my website but why should I pay for required changes or maintenance?”

Let me ask you a question If you buy a Laptop or a phone. You always consider a model which fulfill your requirements and comes with a warranty.

If the warranty period of your electronic device is over and your device is damaged don’t you need to pay to get your device repaired? So why does it feel strange to give money to the designer if your website needs some changes?

Many of the web agencies give a support duration when you get in a contract with them and provide you free or paid (according to your contract).


Bubble #6- “Why should I be paying someone to write things for my website when so much content is available on web?”

This is again a very common but baseless myth. We agree that almost everyone can write stuff but writing stuff for a website has various factors which need to be considered as well.

Knowing how to cook food does not imply that you can cook in a high-class restaurant right away. It needs a proper training and experience to do so. The same concept is followed for writing if you can write content that is a good thing but you can not match the professionalism in writing than a professional writer in one go. It is important to have new and unique content on your website.

Hiring a professional writer gives you an advantage over delivering good content to your visitors. This helps in keeping your visitor engaged resulting in the possibility of him becoming a customer. This also gives your website as well as your company an advantage over your competitors by increasing your word value and image. This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

These are some of the major myths that have made their way to most the business owners mind from various sources. There are many more myths which torment developers in different ways. To avoid discrepancy between your business and the message portrayed by your website business owners also have to take responsibility.

Doing some research beforehand gives you an idea of what you need and it can improve communication between the parties. This can smoothen the transition of ideas and help you and the web agency grow exponentially.

I would love for some of the “Myths”  you have encountered as a developer and if any business owner has some questions ask them in the comment below.