SMO: An Indispensable Marketing Tool


This new era of technology has made people expect everything online. From making friends to choosing the right partner, to shopping to doing business.
Social media is an intense part of marketing strategy of current organizations as they cannot afford to lose on the social platform. Almost every individual today logins at least once on the social media.
It all started with sharing news, information, a common interest in professions, careers, sports etc.

Lets’ first understand what SMO means.

Social Media Optimization or SMO as it is popularly known, is the flawless cooperation between search engine optimization and social media. The intention of using SMO is increasing the brand or product awareness via social media platforms and communities. The main aim is to get unique visitors to the company website.
In simple words, it refers to optimizing the landing page and the content in a way that maximum people share the link across other social networking platforms.
The reason behind social media optimization is very simple. It is to make sure that a website or web page obtains extra links to extremely visible and prevalent social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.
To achieve this goal it is important that the website or the landing page undergoes appropriate changes. The content, its call to action, meta tags, keywords, Alt tags are utilized in a way that it engages maximum readers. As per statistics, more than 3billion people are registered at least one of the social sites globally. And because the popularity and usage of the social networking sites are so high one can’t afford to miss on the social platform to enhance online visibility.
Now that we know how important Social Media is in today’s world, let’s look at some points that can help us optimize social media:
Ensure Your Content is Engageable and Shareable: When we talk about social media optimization the most important factor that requires attention is the target audience. No matter what you write or how good you write if it does not suffice the interest of your target audience it will not receive traffic. It is important to write content that is as per the target audience- the other parameter to take care of is it is realized in a timely manner and maybe even controversial so that it gets reactions and shares.
Experiment With Optimal Posting Times: Time matters a lot and if the posts are not done during the time when your leaders are looking for something then maybe you are missing out on the opportunity. You may not be in a position to decide the right time initially. But a trial and error approach can help in a great way. Also look for the statistics that claim to tell you the appropriate time to post on social media – this can help you get started and then as per the target audience and the response you can determine the schedule that suits you the best.

Hashtags are Your Friend in the World of SMO:

Hashtags help you categories social media posts and make it easier to track the trending topics Hashtags are also a two-way process- they help you to find people and also makes a way for your audience to find you.

Use Social Media Analytics to Your Advantage:

Tracking the SMO efforts can help you find out what is working best for you and accordingly redefine your SMO strategy. This will give you information which performed well, got more traffic and will ensure you are on the right track.

Work on Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles:

Creating a profile page sounds like an easy job but a proper attention is required to create an impactful one. Your profile page will determine your footprint on the social media platform and if it is not strong it will be difficult to build anything valuable. The trick is to be simple and crisp – Fill authentic company details and you are done.

Applying these simple tips can help you build a strategic approach to social media optimization. Happy Marketing!